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How To Write a Proposal for an Economics Research Project

The goal of this blog post is to help guide the reader through the process of writing a proposal for an economics research project. This post can also be used as a guide on how to write and present your own economics project. I try to make sure some general rules are covered. The first […]

Top 10 Websites To Find Resources for University Papers

There are a lot of websites out there that can help university students find the right resources for their papers. While you could just search Wikipedia from your computer, the best way to find information is to take advantage of all the free sources available online. Let’s take a look at some of the top […]

What Is the Difference Between a Research Paper, Term Paper, and Thesis?

A research paper is a paper written on a previously unstudied topic and is meant to educate the reader about said topic. This education includes facts, data, and statistics that can be used as evidence for or against an argument. The purpose of a research article is to share information with other experts in the […]

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